Sometimes the forces of nature work against us. Sometimes we get kicked to the ground and it’s hard to get back up. These are unavoidable facts of life, but the reason humans are atop the food chain and still here, is because of perseverance and community building.

That may sound like hyperbole but it perfectly describes a situation that occurred in Streetsville in 2015. Almost three years ago, Streetsville’s number one shawarma joint, On-Z-Rocks was completely ravaged by an accidental fire. Thankfully no-one was hurt in the blaze, but the entire shop was eviscerated.

It’s been a long road to recovery but On-Z-Rocks has re-opened in Streetsville! The restaurant is, tongue-in-cheek, offering “2015 prices” for a limited time, so go there soon for a trip back in time!

As for what you can get at On-Z-Rocks, well it’s one of the best shawarma joints in the entire city! There’s multiple shawarma options, as well as falafel, souvlaki, and gyro’s. On-Z-Rocks also offers sides like onion rings, garden salads, hummus, soup, baklava, stuffed grape leaves, and lentil soup.

The restaurant offers great Middle Eastern food for reasonable prices. The restaurant, which can be found at 180 Queen Street South in Streetsville, has a 4.3 rating on Google reviews! It’s open 11a.m. to 11p.m., Monday through Thursday, until 2a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and until 10p.m. on Sunday.

After being kicked to the ground and held their for some time, one of Streetsville’s favourite restaurants has risen from the literal ashes. Help this redemption story come full circle and treat yourself to some On-Z-Rocks! Party like it’s 2015!