With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to spread globally. It is important to ensure that you’re practicing social distancing. With the virus impacting local businesses, we wanted to ensure you were aware of what’s still open in your area. So that you can support the businesses in your areas, while satisfying your cravings for foods like pizza or shawarma.

Here are 4 restaurants in Streetsville that are still ready to serve you during the pandemic

Enzo’s Two Guys From Italy

If you’re craving classic Italian fare, then Enzo’s Two Guys from Italy has got you covered. The hours at Enzo’s Two Guys From Italy are slightly adjusted (11am to 8pm). The options that are available for you are delivery (via skip the dishes) and pickup options. Offering their classic menu for those looking from a large assortment of pastas to their delicious homemade sandwiches. If you’re feeling like grabbing some Italian food trust the Two Guys From Italy.  


For those craving the taste of an authentic Neapolitan pizza, Goodfellas is offering a variety of options to help out. There are a wide array of combo options to ensure you are able to save some money. If you want the true taste of an Italian style pizza, then Goodfellas is your spot. They are offering a pickup/takeaway for you.  

Stavro’s Greek Restaurant & Lounge

If you had to put your trip to Greece on hold, then Stavro’s is here for you. Offering the tastes of Greece like no other restaurant, from the fresh gyros to their amazing lamb. Your taste buds will be taken on an amazing ride towards flavours you’ve not experienced before. The best part is that it offers you a healthy alternative to traditional fast food options  


Osmow's Chicken Shawarma On the R

For those who are fans of shawarma, don’t worry as the classic spot you know and love is still there to serve you. Osmow’s for those who may not know, offers the taste of the Middle East in Mississauga (and other cities across Ontario). With the classic options like your chicken or beef shawarma to their now famous chick on the rocks. They are offering pickup options for you to enjoy, with select locations offering delivery via 3rd parties like Foodora and Doordash.