2020 has been a tough year for everyone, as we are all trying to adjust to this idea of the “new normal”. With local businesses across the country suffering it is important for everyone to do their part to help the community around you. With that being said, here are Your4 Streetsville spots you can support just by enjoying their food.


In the mood for a melt? Well then you can’t go wrong with a place dedicated to serving up some amazing premium meltwiches. From the simple grilled cheese to the more the more monstrous flavours like their Big Melt. 

Now if you’re not looking for a melt, they do have other indulgent options like a classic Philly cheese steak, which is perfectly loaded with premium sirloin, grilled mushrooms, onions and creamy mozzarella. If you’re more into celebrating Canada in style, their poutine options are definitely to die for.  

Border MX

Feeling like having some comfort Mexican food? Well then Border MX is the place to be. They’re offering a variety of freshly made Mexican staples like the famous el pastor, which offers you some inspirational marinated pork, pineapple and cilantro. It is a simple yet magical option for those looking to have their tastebuds dancing.

Now if you’re looking for something lighter, a couple sharable apps should do the trick, as their mexican street corn is not only light but is also to die for. This is definitely a fun way to enjoy the tastes of Mexico without the airfare costs.


If you’re trying to enjoy the finer things in life, then it’s time to get a little Saucy. With delectable dishes like their Ahi Tuna or if you’re feeling more adventurous the Escargot is simply to die for. 

Crispy Escargot with grilled mushrooms & tomatoes in a garlic Parmesan butter drizzled with a garlic aioli over, the only words out of your mouth will be YUM!

There are also unique salad options if that piques your fancy like their Key Lime salad or for the meat lovers their Bacon & Blue salad is a great option for you.

Cuchulainn’s Pub

Has the pandemic caused you to cancel your trip to Ireland? Well the Cuchulainn’s Pub can help with that. Offering some good ol’ Irish classics like a traditional stew, or a euro inspired fish and chips you’ll fall in love with the goodness the moment you take a bite. Plus you’ll save a few bucks and time on the plane ride there.