Henry’s, the long-running Canadian camera store, has just opened a new store in the Heartland Town Centre.

Henry’s is a Canadian institution, having been founded way back in 1909! The hundred-plus year old store is going stronger than ever though, as evidenced by the stunning new store that just opened in Heartland.

The new store, which almost exactly mirrors the one in Oakville, is a state-of-the-art space that shines bright and offers the very best camera’s on the market. Anyone who has been to a Henry’s before will know to expect high-quality equipment but the stunning space but be a surprise to the old faithful.

It couldn’t be more different from the store it replaces – with the exception of the great staff, service and products of course. The store has a 100 per cent new format, an all-new way to look at and shop products and a bright modern open concept design that features large photos from Canadian photographers in the community, some of whom are our customers and some are our staff.

– Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce, Jeff Tate

The store is covered in huge pictures that were taken with camera’s available in-store, to give consumers an idea of the quality they can get a hold of. The store opens in perfect time for the holiday season, in case you wanna grab an extra special present for someone, or a little something special for yourself!

The equipment for sale in the store ranges from your standard Nikon digital camera, to a top-of-the-line DSLR that will sting you a few thousand dollars. Then there’s the 4K Ultra HD video camera’s, to full 360 degrees camera’s, which are very popular these days and expected to fly off of the shelves. And for the millennial in your life, you can even grab a drone for a reasonable fee, or a more advanced machine for under $2000!

Clearly Henry’s has a wide selection of point-and-shoot equipment available, so come on out and have a look for yourself. Henry’s just had a grand opening on November 4th but the store has been open since the 1st of the month, already netting a successful week. The store is expected to rise in popularity as the Christmas season approaches, so you might want to drop-in before then!