By:  Monica Kucharski

We Canadians are obsessed with the weather.  But who can blame us, given our definitely wintery winters— especially this year’s endless one.  Betcha the toques got threadbare this winter from overuse, eh?

On top of that, spring seems to have been delayed this year in Southern Ontario.  Those spring flower buds are understandably reluctant to poke through the semi-frozen ground, and most trees remain barren.  But, get ready Mississauga, summer is promising to be blissfully hot!

According to Environment Canada, most of Canada will see a warmer than normal summer temperatures, and it’s likely to get sizzling hot in eastern parts of the country, which, of course, includes Mississauga!

“Toward the end of spring, we are going to see some warmer-than-normal temperatures heading into summer,” says Jay Scotland, a meteorologist for the CBC.

“We show for most of Canada a warmer than normal summer,” said Dave Phillips, Environment Canada’s senior climatologist to CTV.

That hot weather will sure be welcome, not only because this year’s winter was long and harsh, but also because spring has been on the cooler and wetter side, and will likely continue so into May.

According to Farmers’ Almanac, May showers will be plentiful, and temperatures ranging between mild and cool, warming up towards the end of the month.  The Weather Network says that “the Gulf of Mexico and the western Atlantic Ocean are much warmer than normal and systems that tap into moisture from these regions will bring heavy rainfall at times.”

While it may not yet be time for those tank tops and muscle shirts, get them out of seasonal storage anyways, because by the sounds of it, they’ll be getting a lot of use during June to August!

And when that nearly tropical summer weather finally arrives in Mississauga, enjoy it to the nth degree—no complaints about how hot it is, please!