Long weekends and enjoying the great outdoors are what summer is all about. And while we’re all thinking about taking some time off to spend with friends and family, it’s also a tremendous time to take a look at some values in the marketplace. With the housing market trending toward a balanced environment, think of Forest Hill Lifestyle as your real estate connection. If you know anyone looking for a relaxing haven or interested in a real estate investment, we are  only a phone call away. Let them know we are all about service and strategic negotiating. Let us do the work while they take it easy.


Cool Tips to Beat Summer Heat


  • If you haven’t already: change the direction of the ceiling fan. It should rotate counter-clockwise. In this direction, the air is pushed downward creating a wind chill effect that can make you feel as much as 4 degrees cooler than the room actually is.


  • Open windows in the evening to let cool breezes in. Close them and lower the blinds before morning to keep out the summer sun.


  • Use Power Bars with timers – Keep all unnecessary electronic devices off when not in use. Televisions, computers, and video-game systems are all heat generators. And keep the lights off, too. Even environmentally-friendly LEDs give off heat.


  • Skip the stove. Use the microwave. Better still, the side burner on the BBQ.


  • Get a de-humidifier. Humid air holds heat.


  • Buy a hot water bottle – put it in the freezer to create a bed-friendly ice pack.


  • Choose lightweight cotton bed sheets – they breathe


  • Use a buckwheat pillow – it doesn’t absorb heat like cotton and down-filled pillows do.


  • Run kitchen and bathroom fans to move humid air outside.


Summer Projects – Call Before You Dig

Planting a tree? Digging holes for a fence or deck supports? It’s crowded underground – gas pipelines, electrical services, telephone and cable TV, as well as water and sewer connections. And it’s not just your connections, there could be distribution points for utilities that serve your neighbours.

Even if you’ve hired a contractor and they say, “don’t worry” – make the call. It’s your property. It’s your responsibility. And if you break it… or cut it… as well as safety, there’s a repair bill to consider.