A new and very unique ice cream joint is making its way to Square One shopping centre.

Sweet Jesus ice cream made a name for itself in Toronto, among other Ontario locales, and became super popular for it’s hand-made soft-serve ice cream and eye-popping toppings. The Toronto location became a popular destination among younger folk and it wasn’t surprising to see line-ups out the door!

Sweet Jesus crafts incredible ice cream, be it in a cone or in a cup, and tops it with rather bizarre sweets. The tall cones can look bewildering at times but the tastes are equalling shocking and mouth-watering. The description below comes right from the official website and perfectly describes the outlet:

From the caffeine we brew to the soft serve we go hard on, Sweet Jesus constantly tests the boundaries of culinary right and wrong. The goal is to combine conceptual thinking with high quality ingredients and products, in an effort to make something that tastes and looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen and had before. Amen.

As mentioned, Sweet Jesus also offers coffee, cookies, brownies, and more sweet dishes. The brand currently operates in Toronto, Ottawa, Markham, Muskoka, Niagara Falls, Scarborough and Vaughan Mills. The brand expansion is continuing though as they make their way to Woodbine, Sherway Gardens, and more locations on top of Square One.

No official opening date has been announced yet but we’ll keep you updated. Square One has become home to a myriad of unique food destinations as of late and Sweet Jesus will be a welcome addition. Amen!