New restaurants open up in Mississauga on literal weekly, and sometimes even daily, basis. We always like to report on these new openings because food is great and Mississauga is a home to amazing cuisine from all over the world.

Something that’s even more worthy of reporting is when a fusion restaurant opens in the city, because that’s basically like two-for-one! Well, as you’ve guessed by now, that’s the case here. One of Mississauga’s newest openings is, in fact, a Mexican and Indian join endeavour.

This isn’t just a restaurant that offers both kinds of delicacies however, it’s literally two restaurants in one. You see, two popular Toronto restaurants have both made their way to Mississauga and joined forces to explode our collective taste palettes.

tacorrito Mississauga

The first half of this unique restaurant is Tacorrito; a Mexican-based eatery that specialises in tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, and more. “Tacorrito strives to take a fresh look at Mexican food. We don’t only focus on fresh food and toppings but a fresh take on the customer experience. You let us do the work or you can build it the way you want it. We have something for everyone ranging from soft and sweet churros, fresh and cool smoothies to crispy and succulent quesadillas.”

It’s counterpart is Hurry Curry, an Indian kitchen that serves several types of curry bowls, chawal, thali, and much more. Here’s a little bit about the name from the owners themselves: “We knew we had to come up with a name which is not very common, but at the same time resonates what Indian Food is all about (so “Curry”). We also wanted to make sure that Food will be served fairly quick (so “Hurry”). After many deliberations (pun intended), we zeroed in on a name that would make our Brand easy to remember, easy to pronounce & at the same time fun & playful. Our restaurants are going to be colorful, playful & little bit sinful.”

These two franchises have joined forces and opened up a store at 1465 Aerowood Drive. The restaurant held its grand opening last week and has already been a hit with locals. So if you find yourself craving both Mexican and Indian food, then this is the place for you.