Given the current conditions around the Covid-19 virus going around, it is imperative to stay home if you can. As is the case currently, enjoying the food you’ve been craving can be difficult. Luckily, though there are plenty of takeaway restaurant options that will allow you to enjoy the same food you have been craving, in your own home.

Here are a few take out options you can still enjoy if you miss going out. 

St Louis Bar & Grill

St louis bar and grill

If chicken wings and fries are what you’re craving, St Louis has the perfect options for you. From classic chicken wing flavours like buffalo or creamy garlic parm, to more unique and exotic flavours like Thai Coconut or Jerk Chicken. Beyond this, you also have the option to get either some classic chicken wings. If you are looking for a cleaner eating experience you can get some boneless wings. Which will allow you to truly experience the different flavour notes of the different sauces without the work associated with the classic chicken wing. 

Burrito Boyz   


Burrito Boyz is often a classic option for those looking for quality Mexican food at an affordable price. With a litany of different options from vegetarian options like beans, ground soy and sweet potato to some epic meat options like the classic chicken and some amazing pulled pork. There are options for everyone, with the ability to choose and customize your toppings you can truly have it your way.



If you have not tried Jollibee before, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. With a unique menu that seeks to revolutionize the standard fast food offering, you will certainly not be disappointed. As you can enjoy everything from their famous spaghetti to their equally famous peach mango pie, which I do have to say is pretty heavenly. Additionally, you can also unleash your inner foodie, as you chow down on their Palabok Fiesta, which pays homage to the Filipino roots of the restaurant. 

Moxie’s Bar & Grill

Moxies meal

For those missing the taste of casual fine dining, Moxies will fill a spot in your stomach. As this spot provides you with the refined taste you expect with such dishes like the Blackened Mahi Mahi and Chipotle Mango Chicken to satiate your cravings. The unique aspect about Moxie’s is that the restaurant offers you the option of either getting 20% off a pick up order or getting free delivery for those who are serious about their social distancing.