Skintricate in Streetsville is one of Mississauga’s premiere tattoo studios. Located at 151 Queen Street South, Skintricate is a shop that features some of the very best artists in the country, and today we’re spotlighting one of them.

Hollywood, or Hllywd_homicide as he’s known on Instagram, is the artist we’re talking about today and the guy is supremely talented. Hollywood isn’t just an artist however, he’s actually the owner of Skintricate and has done an incredible job curating and growing the studio.

The best tattoo studios are ones that have a variety of artists that have different strengths and styles. And that’s what Skintricate is. Hollywood himself has an incredibly unique tattoo style that is bright, colourful, and utilises sketch lines to give his designs a unique and recognisable look.

As you can see from the gallery above, his style is as distinct as you’ll ever find. Whether he’s doing a cartoon character like Sailor Moon or a real TV character like Dwight Schrute, an animal or something extremely abstract, Hollywood puts his own spin on it and does an incredible job. He’s capable of doing just about anything you might have in mind, and making it special.

When seeking the right tattoo artist, it’s important to find someone who specialises in the style you’re after. As such, you’ll often find artists who do a broad range of styles but are only good at one or two. Hollywood uses his own style to do cartoon pieces as well as some more realistic portraits.

If you’d like to get in touch with Hollywood and start tossing around ideas or book a slot with him, you can email┬á, or download the Skintricate app. He’s one of the most unique and talented artists in the city, so get your time booked with him as soon as possible.