It’s Christmas time and that means there’s a heck of a lot of stores that are either closed or have limited openings hours over the next week. We recently put together a quick list of stores that are open and closed in Mississauga, in order to keep you on the right track, so check that out here.

Beyond the stores listed in that article, we recently found out that The Beer Store will actually be open on Boxing Day for a few hours. While all The Beer Store locations will be open until 6 PM on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day, the brand announced this past week that more than 100 stores in Ontario will in fact be open the day after Christmas, and a few of them are in Mississauga.

6780 Town Centre Circle (Meadowvale), 5800 McLaughlin Road (Heartland Town Centre), 3154 Hurontario Street (Cooksville), 420 Lakeshore Road East (Port Credit), are the Mississauga locations that will be operating on Boxing Day. And those stores will be open from 11 AM until 5 PM.

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Of course, most people like to take a drink at some point during the holidays and this is welcome news. Some spiked egg nog is one thing, but many people like some wine with their dinner, or a beer to unwind at night. And now you have the opportunity to get some alcohol in Mississauga, just in case you run out on the big day!

However we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you to drive safe and not to take any alcohol beforehand, the last thing anyone wants is a Christmas disaster.

With that warning out of the way, feel free to swing by The Beer Store on Thursday, Boxing Day, before 5 PM to grab some last minute beer, spirits, or whiskey to increase your merriment. Enjoy and be safe!