For those of you who either may not eat meat for health, lifestyle or religious reasons, the Beyond Meat movement is probably an incredible life saver for you. As you no longer have to worry about preparing your own food out of fear that restaurants and other eateries may not have reliable veggie/vegan options to satisfy your tastebuds. 

Well then, there is some more good news to provide, as Tim Hortons has been piloting the Beyond Meat offerings over the summer across Canada (and possibly abroad as well). There have been certain provinces where this option was definitely under-utilized. As a result the company has decided to cease running the offering in all provinces except for Ontario and British Columbia.

So, lucky for us Missaugans ( and Ontarians alike), Tim Hortons has decided to continue to offer this delicious meat alternative. According to the company spokesperson, “We have particularly seen positive reaction to our Beyond Meat offering in Ontario and B.C., especially in breakfast, and are proud to offer both alternatives in those regions,” 

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“Like any limited time offer, we may explore offering the product again in other provinces at a future date based on ongoing guest feedback.”

Image result for beyond meat tim hortonsTim Hortons added two Beyond Meat Burgers – both selling for $5.69 – to its lunch menu in July, one month after launching three types of Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches.

The decision to remove these meat alternatives seems odd, as other competition within the foodservice industry are just getting on the meat alternative bandwagon.

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Only time will tell if this was truly a good decision. Let us know your thoughts on the matter, do you think it was a wise decision.