Being located so close to Lake Ontario, Mississauga has a pretty great reputation for seafood. It bears this reputation, despite there being relatively few seafood-speciality restaurants in the city!

Of course, there’s Blue Lagoon, Snug Harbour, Jam House Seafood Restaurant, The Brogue Irish Pub, L.A Boil, etc., but there’s plenty room for more. And with that comes a rather unique seafood restaurant, becoming only the second of its kind in the city, The Captain’s Boil!

The Captain’s Boil is a boil restaurant, in the same vein as L.A Boil. This means the food is boil cooked and presented in plastic bags as fresh as can be. The restaurant’s process can also be surmised with it’s mission statement:

The Captain’s Boil was inspired by Cajun seafood boil, where freshly caught seafood is boiled and served right away to retain its freshness and tenderness. The Captain’s Boil took this idea further by adding aromatic Asian spices to enhance the natural taste of our ingredients. By removing all the unnecessary hassle of table settings and cutlery, we make sure that the food is ready-to-eat — from sea to table.

The menu starts with you choosing your type of catch, be it crawfish, lobster, dungeness crab, king crab legs, snow crab legs, shrimp, clams, mussels, or even chicken slices! Then you can choose the flavour of your catch, from Cajun to garlic, lemon pepper to Captain’s Boil signature. Then you choose the heat and the side dish, and there you have it.

In a great touch of sense and class, The Capain’s Boil only use BPA-free, biodegradable and FDA-approved bags for cooking its food. So you can rest assured the boiling process is as safe and thorough.

The Captain’s Bowl is open for business now, from 11 AM to 11 PM, Sunday through Thursday, while it stays open to midnight on Friday’s and Saturday’s. The restaurant is located at 720 Burnamthorpe Road West, so fairly central. Come enjoy some top-class seafood boil!