Well the hysteria around the Coronavirus certainly feels like it’s reaching boiling point. Last Friday we reported that Mississauga had reported its first confirmed case of COVID-19, and since then the total number of cases in the province has grown to 79, as of time of writing.

Of course, the most noteworthy and prominent vicitm of the virus has been none other than Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And fear among the general public is growing quickly, as you’ll know if you’ve gone shopping in the past few days and seen the bare shelves.

That said, in comparison to the likes of the United States, United Kingdom, and many parts of Europe, Canada has very few cases, even when taking population differences into account. A large reason why the number of confirmed cases has not yet exploded is because Ontario has been handling the virus quite well and responding quickly.

Mississauga has been working in conjunction with Peel Public Health to ensure that the numbers stay as low as possible. Today it was announced that, starting Saturday March 14th through to April 5th, all of the following facilities are closed to the public, and all programs and activities at these locations are cancelled:

  • Active living centres
  • Arenas (including Vic Johnston Arena)
  • Community centres
  • Fitness centres
  • Indoor pools
  • Libraries
  • Living Arts Centre
  • Meadowvale Theatre
  • Mississauga Seniors’ Centre
  • Museums (Benares and Bradley)
  • Outdoor rinks (Burnhamthorpe, Celebration Square, Woodhurst)
  • Paramount Fine Foods Centre
  • Riverwood Convervancy
  • Small Arms Inspection Building

Peel Public Health also took the time to remind everyone of prevention tactics, such as staying home if you feel unwell, avoiding contact with anyone that is sick, washing your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and to clean surfaces around you often.

“Peel Public Health has advised that if you develop symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), please self-isolate and contact Peel Public Health at 905-799-7700 and if you require immediate medical attention, please call 911 and advise the operator of your symptoms.”

And that is the latest out of Mississauga and Peel Public Health. It might be disappointing if you had tickets to an event or were planning to have some fun during March break, but you need to think of yourself and those around you at this time and take the necessary precautions. You can stay updated on the coronavirus situation in the city at peelregion.ca/coronavirus. In the meantime, follow the instructions above, stay inside when possible, remain calm and respectful when you do leave the house, and get tested if you have any symptoms. Stay safe folks.