Quick PSA: During the current COVID-19 times, the itch to want to go out and explore like any other day can be tempting. But remember that flattening the curve and practicing social distancing is a small but essential part you can play in reducing the risk of contracting the virus.

The donut craze in Mississauga is currently at an all time high. With people packing the parking lot and waiting in drive-thru lines for over 3 hours to sink their teeth into a juicy, fluffy and delicious donuts from Krispy Kreme. These donuts are providing a sense of comfort to those feeling cooped up at home.  

Photo: Zain Rao

Krispy Kreme was founded in 1937, but the chain didn’t come to Canada until it opened its Mississauga location in 2001. A parking lot that normally serves multiple big box stores has morphed into a waiting area for desserts. Security guards are helping direct traffic as hundreds of people line up every day and pylons are organized throughout to ensure that traffic for the drive thru doesn’t devolve into chaos.

The attention has created quite the buzz on social media:

Like many other places still open during the pandemic, Krispy Kreme is operating on reduced hours and drive-thru only as Ontario is under a state of emergency.

To make the fight against COVID-19 a bit sweeter, the chain is offering free original glazed doughnuts to health-care workers on the front lines while supplies last.

“We’ve experienced such a positive response from our communities that some stores have even run out of doughnuts,” Krispy Kreme wrote on its website. 

Would you wait 2 hours in line for some krispy kreme donuts?