The history of sports in Streetsville. Back in the early 1900’s Streetsville was referred to as the “great sporting centre of the times”. There was skating on the river, tennis on Mr. Graydon’s lawn.

The Streetsville community today enjoy many different sports, but did you know that the Streetsville Ladies Lawn Bowling Club was founded in 1890. It was first played on the lawn of Mr. Robert Greig. By 1907 it had moved to property owned by Mr. John Cunningham on Queen Street. Today that property is the home for the Streetsville Business Improvement Association and the beautiful flower garden.

The Ladies Bowling Club was the first bowling club in Ontario, and according to the Streetsville Review newspaper the first in Canada. At the first Provincial tournament in Niagara-on-the-Lake the Streetsville Ladies won second prize. A few years later the Ladies Streetsville team took both Provincial and Dominion championship in the same year.

About the same time as the lawn bowling was happening Mr. George McClintock was playing first base on a hardball team. Cricket is also mention in the early days of Streetsville. A Lacrosse team was organized in 1875 and became known as the Thistles. Soccer became the game of the 1920’s with many well known Streetsville players. Mr. Fred Haddon was captain of the team for a time and they won three cups in 1922 or 1923 including the Walker and Roberts trophies.

When Streetsville officially became a town in 1962 it was already home to a thriving soccer community. Hockey was played very early in the old drill hall and now in the Vic Johnston Arena. There were many teams in the Streetsville Minor Hockey Association and of course we have our illustrious Streetsville Derby’s today. Figure skating and baseball was also popular. Lacrosse was known as the game of the thirties. Mr. Arthur Arch was Secretary-Treasurer of the Streetsville club for a long time. After a year or two playing local teams the Streetsville club was playing games throughout Ontario. One year in Cornwall, the Streetsville intermediates were within two goals of the Ontario Championship only to loss out in the end to the great disappointment of the throngs of fans who had chartered a railway coach to go down to see the game.

At one point in history, around the year 1947, Memorial Park had a baseball diamond with suitable lighting for night games. At the same time there was a field for lacrosse. The field was built to be an outdoor skating rink but was found to be more suitable for lacrosse. Streetsville lawn bowling also had an area at the north end of the park. Today sports in Streetsville is still going strong. Adding to the other sports clubs Streetsville also has Indoor Bowling, Martial Arts, Yoga clubs and the Streetsville Golf Club is just up the road.