New projects and developments are happening every year in Mississauga, with the city growing quicker and quicker. We like to relay information about these new projects that shape the future of our city, from simple housing developments in Streetsville, to major projects in Port Credit.

However this latest development is possibly the biggest and most ambitious the city of Mississauga has ever seen. Of course you can look back some forty years and see the majority of Mississauga as green fields, but no one development has ever been quite so huge or progressive.

We’re talking about the new Square One District that was announced and looks to completely and radically transform the downtown area of Mississauga. This incredible new development will transform 18 million square feet – 130 acres – of city centre real estate, into a sparkling new community for 35,000 people! Check out the stunning photos below.

Mississauga is ready for something new, and that’s what the master plan for Square One District delivers. A place where business, life, and leisure come together as one.

This already energetic lifestyle complex will be enhanced with new eateries, open public spaces, activated streets, and vibrant piazzas. Stimulating the senses, appealing to diverse tastes, and with a fresh urban spirit at heart, there’s soon to be something here for everyone, every day.

Eric Plesman, executive vice president and head of North America, Oxford Properties, said that the Square One District will bring 18,000 new residential units to the downtown area, a new transit hub that connects directly to the Hurontario LRT, new parks and green spaces, and modern office buildings. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as thousands of new construction jobs will be needed in the process.

“The community will be anchored by Square One, which is already one of the highest performing retail centres in North America,” Plesman said. “It has become a vital destination for the neighbourhood. We’ve invested over half a billion dollars over the past five years to better the experience and to deliver best-in-class retail food and entertainment.”

The Square One District isn’t going to be completed for quite some time however, as it is envisioned as a “multi-decade” project. That being said, many parts of it will be completed over the next couple of years. And  with something so incredible and revolutionary, it’s better to take the time and make an area that we can proudly point to as the crown jewel of Mississauga and something that makes us stand tall as one of Canada’s most impressive cities.