Mississauga is an amazing place to live. It’s a diverse, booming city that celebrates all of the things and people that make it great. That’s why each week, often multiple times a week, you can see festivals and events that commemorate the cultures that make the city special.

As you are likely to have noticed, most of these festivals take place at Celebration Square, in the heart of the city, and the rest tend to wind-up in Port Credit. Well every now and again these events are spread out to incorporate other areas of the city. As is the case with the next great cultural event: The Iraqi Festival!

The Iraqi Festival of Toronto is an annual event that takes place in varying locations throughout the GTA each year. And we’re lucky and proud that Mississauga will be hosting this year’s cultural touchstone!

The Iraqi Festival is always a greats event but this year’s takes an extra special slant: Hay El Iraqia, which translates to, This is the Iraqi Woman. The 2018 festival will be an amazing celebration of the incredibly tough, resourceful, and resilient women of Iraq. Here is the brief rundown of the festival’s events, as per Mississauga.ca’s cultural page:

The journey starts with an art gallery of various renowned painters, celebrating Iraqi women and their role in building a better life and brighter future. The theatre lobby will be open at 5pm for viewing.

Treasures of Shaherazad, is a fashion show by the Iraqi French designer Hanaa Sadiq. This will be a unique blend between the magical stories of the Arabian Nights and high fashion.

Lastly, the journey sets it’s anchor with the Iraqi Canadian singer Nova Emad and a debut album release concert of Khayef Aleh, that’s been mostly produced in Canada by Iraqi Canadian artists.

For those interested in going, the Meadowvale Theatre can be found at 6315 Montevideo Road, in the northwest of the city. Tickets for the event can be purchased here. Come to the Meadowvale Theatre on August 25th at 5:00 PM for an incredible celebration of Iraqi culture, and the amazing ladies in particular.