The bucket list is often associated with the experiences you have within your lifetime, but no one thinks of doing the same for the amazing city you’re living in. Well, for those who may not know it already, Mississauga is full of fun adventures you have to do within your lifetime. So here is the Mississauga Bucket list. 

The next item on your Mississauga bucket list (get started with the list) has to be the rite of passage everyone from Mississauga needs. The legendary selfie/picture with the Absolut/Marilyn Monroe towers in the background.

What Makes The Towers Selfie Bucket List Worthy?

Marilyn Monroe Towers Picture
PC:Matthew Miraflor

Like we said, this is essentially a rite of passage if you’re a true Mississaugan. Ever since the towers were completed in 2012, it has definitely booked its spot in Mississauga history. Now it may sound weird that we’re saying to take a picture with a condo building in the background. But just like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the unique construction of the building, make taking a picture definitely noteworthy. You owe it to yourself to be a part of this long tradition. As the Marilyn Monroe towers are to Mississauga, what the CN tower is to Toronto. There is nothing more synonymous than taking that selfie, ensuring the rest of your friends know that you’ve officially joined the selfie club.

Now for those who may not be well versed with photography or selfie culture, don’t worry we’re here to ensure that you get that perfect pic all your friends will love. The basic logistics to ensure that you get the perfect picture include:

Ensuring that you get to the top of the parking structure. Now depending on when you’re going, it can get a little windy so be sure that you plan out your time accordingly, we suggest going between 2:00PM – 5:00PM. Also, with the unique design of the buildings, you’ll get a little bit of reflection so try to accommodate to ensure that you can adjust the aperture to ensure your image isn’t washed out.  Hope these tips help you become a member of the selfie tower club.