Mississauga is a city constantly growing and expanding, and we’re always excited to bring you news of new events and spurts of said growth. Especially when those events are incredibly wholesome and something we should all partake in.

Such is the case today as we bring you this announcement about the upcoming Parasport Games coming to Mississauga. And who better to hear it from, than our Mayor Bonnie Crombie?

I am excited that the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS) has named Mississauga as host of the 2021 Ontario Parasport Games,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “An inclusive community gives everyone an opportunity to shine. The Ontario Parasport Games will help highlight Mississauga’s commitment to accessibility and inclusive programming for all. I look forward to welcoming these young athletes from across our great province in 2021.

The Parasport Games are a facet of the Games Ontario program by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS). The Ontario Parasport Games take place every two years and, as stated, the next such event will commence in the spring of 2021 in our fair city..The 2021 Ontario Parasport Games will bring up to 400 athletes from across the province to compete in wheelchair basketball, boccia, sledge hockey, sitting volleyball, and goalball.

Shari Lichterman, Director of the event, had this to say: “Mississauga is an inclusive sport-hosting community with world-class venues, seasoned event staff and undeniable volunteer support from our residents. We look forward to welcoming Ontario’s best.”

A goal of the event will be to raise awareness of parasports in local schools, and so each school will be paired with an athlete that they can support and aid in his or her journey.

We may be two years away from the 2021 Ontario Parasport Games but we’re excited to spread the good news and begin the count down to the event.