Love Mississauga? Love art? Love when those two things come together? We do too!

There are any number of area’s within Mississauga where you can go to see some incredible art, whether that’s paintings, music, acting, or displays and installations. It’s a little less common however, that you’ll find a large installation display out in the open.

That’s the case from September 14th until the 23rd, when The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea, art exhibition takes over the Southdown Industrial area of Mississauga!

The amazing contemporary art display, which sees the city in collaboration with local and international artists, will completely change the Southdown area. There will be 13 different art pieces that exemplify some pressing issues in regards to the Earth. As per the official description:

The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea¬†will create an¬†operatic experience of elemental forces, geopolitical processes, and environmental violence impacting the Earth. Drawing on the language of the Beaufort Scale of Wind Force–breaking, scattering, drifting, tumbling, rolling, driving, whistling, rustling, extending, raising, swaying, inconveniencing, impeding, damaging, uprooting–the exhibition will unfurl the 13 forces, from 0 (Calm) to 12 (Hurricane), and punctuate the area with 13 artist projects moving between modes of allegory and creative adaptation strategies.

The event kicks off this Friday, September 14th, at 6pm. Every day following the opening, the exhibit will be open from 9am to 9pm. Of course, the exhibit is free to everyone, so if you’re interested in seeing some incredible modern art take over a part of the city, head to Southdown’s industrial area this weekend and the two weeks following.