Late last year, images started popping-up on the internet of a box of cereal called “timbits”. The box was also emblazoned with a Tim Horton’s logo, and featured pictures of the brand’s signature bits.

This came as a shock to many and was considered by most to be a hoax of sorts. The reason for the disbelief is because of how the product was rolled out. Surely Tim Horton’s would have released a statement telling us about the brand’s first ever cereal? Well it seems not. Perhaps this was all part of Tim Horton’s marketing strategy to get people talking about this mysterious cereal, in which case it worked like a charm. Or perhaps someone at Tim’s dropped the ball and forgot to hit publish on the press release.

Whatever the case, more and more pictures of the mysterious Timbits cereal started to hit the internet – including some shots of the boxes in supermarket warehouses – thus confirming its existence.

Based on all of the pictures, there seemed to be two different flavours of cereal that reflect some of the brand’s most popular Timbit choices; Birthday Cake and Chocolate Glazed. And the cereal itself just seemed to be little crispy balls, akin to Coco Puffs or Corn Pops.

After literal months of scuttlebutt, rumours, and leaked pictures, Tim Horton’s finally revealed the cereal was indeed real earlier in January, and included that it will be a Canadian-exclusive item that will start rolling out country-wide in late January/early February.

“The two-bite Timbits Canadians have loved since 1976 can now be enjoyed as an even more bite sized treat with milk in cereal bowls coast to coast,” said Samuel Heath,┬áTim Hortons’ head of retail.

And so there you have it. Tim Horton’s Timbit cereal is indeed real and has started popping-up in retail stores like Costco. Keep your eyes peeled on your local grocery store and let us know what you think of the two flavours available as of now.