Mississauga is no stranger to seafood. In particular, it’s no stranger to sushi. Whether it’s Sushi In The Sky, Kanda Sushi, Momiji Sushi, or any other number of great restaurants. That said, we never say no to a new seafood joint that promises to bring more great sushi to our city!

Tomo Sushi is the newest addition to Mississauga’s food scene, and it’s opened up on 4040 Creditview Drive, which is right near Erindale Go Station. Tomo Sushi brings a high-level of class and talent to Mississauga, and their mission statement is simple:

“‘Tomo’ in Japanese means ‘Friend’. We wish to create warm and friendly atmosphere, and we believe that you will create very special moments of your life with your companions. We take pride in providing superior quality foods and servises to every guest, every time. That is how we have been the best restaurant in casual dining now and will be for generations.”

Tomo Sushi

Tomo Sushi has an extensive menu of appetisers,  soups & salads, noodles, Maki, dinner and lunch menus, and even an entire section of Korean food!

Highlights from the menu include 18 Pc’s of Sashimi, Unagi Donburi, Bluefin Tuna Roll, Kimchi with Pork Belly, Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup, Oyster shots, and lots more. One thing that makes Tomo Sushi unique to other such restaurants in Mississauga, is that you can order your food a la carte, straight from the chef’s board.

Tomo Sushi on Creditview Road presents a very real option for seafood lovers in Mississauga. It’s a top-quality restaurant with excellent service, excellent plating, excellent food, and well worth a visit.