Who doesn’t love cheesecake? It’s arguably the most delicious dessert there is, and it’s available in so very many flavours and sizes.

Mississauga has no shortage of excellent cheesecake, from every corner of the city. So much so, that it was actually difficult to narrow it down to just five! That said, we’ve compiled a nice, diverse list of amazing cheesecake options that you simply must try for yourself!

Coffee Culture

We’re kicking things off with one of our favourite coffee shops in the city, Coffee Culture! It doesn’t matter which Coffee Culture you’re visiting the Lakeshore Road location, the one near Meadowvale Village, or the new Streetsville one, they all have incredible cheesecake!

The cheesecakes change on a regular basis, so you never know what you might find. Maybe it will be a coffee-flavoured one, or perhaps a white chocolate and raspberry offering, it just depends. However, if you go right now you’ll get your hands on a wonderful pumpkin cheesecake!