Having a hard time thinking of what to get your mom/sister/daughter/girlfriend/wife/colleague for Christmas? Well fret no more, we have you covered!

Christmas is stressful, both mentally and on the wallet. So we want to alleviate some of that stress by helping you find the perfect gift for the woman in your life this holiday season. No matter what your budget is, we think there will be something here for you!

UGG Sidney Sneaker – $119.95


As a rule, it’s generally good not to buy clothes. That’s because you probably don’t know what the girl actually likes to wear, and you probably don’t know her sizes – and you don’t wanna get a size too small or a size too big!

That said, the new Sidney Sneaker from UGG is something of a safe bet. Most girls have owned a pair of UGG boots at some point or another, so it’s a safe brand to go with. And the new Sidney Sneakers are a very safe option with their simple design and mute colours.

If you’re determined to get her some sort of clothing this year, these new UGG’s are a good way to go, now you just need to find out her size!