Cagney’s Steakhouse & Winebar

128 Queen Street South

Cagneys Streetsville

Cagney’s Steakhouse & Winebar is, without a doubt, one of Mississauga’s most gorgeous and elegant restaurants. The interior design here is a beautiful mix of classic and modern, and it may very well be Mississauga’s best looking restaurant.

As for the food, well let’s just say the owners didn’t skimp on the cost there either. The name is a giveaway, but Cagney’s specialises in AAA quality meat, so you can’t go wrong with ordering a steak of any kind. However the seafood options at Cagney’s are also to die for, so we recommend a combination of the two. A little surf and turf within a truly stunning setting.

Menu Highlight: New York Strip Steak and Lobster – 9oz cuban lobster tail served with warm drawn butter, seasonal vegetables and choice of potato.