Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza

209 Queen Street South

Goodfellas Streetsville

Goodfellas is one of Streetsville most sought-after destinations. People flock to the area to try out the incredible wood oven pizza in a classy Italian setting.

The restaurant makes Neapolitan-inspired dishes with a taste palette that can only be found in the south of Rome. It’s not all pizza’s though, as you’ll also fine pasta, seafood, chicken, salads, lasagna, decadent desserts, and more wine than you could shake a cork at. Goodfellas is all-class… well, half-class and half-dough, but it’s all good!

Menu Highlight:¬†Rapini e Salsiccia –¬†White pizza topped with rapini, Italian sausage, mozzarella fiore di latte cheese
and Parmigiano and Reggiano cheese.