The Franklin House

263 Queen Street South

Franklin House Streetsville

The Franklin House is something of an institution in Mississauga. The House was built in 1855 and is said to be quite haunted. If that sounds like somewhere you’re willing to eat, then you’re in for a treat!

Unlike most other restaurants on this list, The Franklin House is a not inspired by any one country. It’s a good old-fashioned hodge-podge of inspirations and delicacies, resulting in a diverse menu that could satisfy anyone! So you’ll find options like Franklin Wings, Chicken Tenders, Shepherd’s Pie, Philly Cheesesteaks, Wraps, and Poutines. Don’t let any potential poltergeists deter you from a fine evening of wining and dining!

Menu Highlight: Pub Platter – 8 traditional or dusted chicken wings, 5 chicken tenders, 6 jalapeno poppers, and Franklin Fries with veg sticks and dip.