Mississauga is quickly becoming known as a foodie’s dream scene. There are hundreds of restaurants in our fair city that offer as diverse an array of food as you’ll find anywhere.

However we can’t eat out every night, so what do we do for food the other days of the week? Well that’s where one of Mississauga’s many great supermarkets come in. Today we want to take a look at the very best supermarkets Mississauga has to offer, and hopefully you can expand your grocery horizon.

Subzi Mandi Cash & Carry

515 Ray Lawson Boulevard

Subzi Mandi Cash & Carry is an Indian/Canadian branded chain of supermarkets, which just opened its fourth store, marking its first in Mississauga!

This means Subzi Mandi is the newest store on this list, seeing as it just opened a few weeks ago! With that in mind, it’s an incredibly clean and organised store that offers an extraordinary amount of options. Subzi Mandi offers just about every brand type, including lots of Indian and Pakistani foods. Not to mention, it’s similar to Costco as it offers bulk options as well.

As for the Cash & Carry aspect of the name, it simply means you can only use your credit card of your goods is over $5. So if you’re looking for a good new budget option in the city, give Subzi Mandi a try.