It’s mid November and that means you really should be doing all your Christmas shopping as we speak. And considering just how busy the malls have been recently, that’s probably the case.

However, not everyone has had a chance to get out there and do some shopping yet, and you’d understandable want to make the process as quick and easy as possible. Well, for all you parents out there, we’ve compiled a short list of some of Mississauga’s best toy stores!

Finding the perfect toys for your children at Christmas can be a nightmare, literally ask any parent. So anything that can help make the process run a tad smoother, will be welcome at this time of year. So here they are:

Disney Store

Square One Mall

We’re starting off with a rather obvious one, but kids freaking love Disney! Hell, everyone loves Disney!

No matter whether your children just want a classic Buzz Lightyear or Cinderella figurine, or if they want the latest Avengers or Star Wars toys, the Disney Store has it all! It’s a special place no matter the time of year, but Christmas is especially magical!