Buying the perfect gift can be pretty darn tricky, especially for the opposite sex. And that rings true, regardless of whether you’re talking partner, father, brother, uncle, grandpa, work colleague, or simple old friend. The stress of the season can be a tad overwhelming, so why not let us bear some of that burden for you?

We’ve already told you the 5 hottest toys to buy for kids this Christmas, but now we want to guide you in the direction getting the right gift for the man in your life. The good news is: men are extremely easy to buy for! That said, here are the very best items for the 2018 season!

Slate Crisp Wallet – $29




Does your male giftee always have a fat wallet, jam-packed with bank cards, random receipts, and meaningless paper trails? Well that’s most men. It’s quite an annoying problem but one that can easily be fixed!

The Slate Crisp Wallet is the answer to all of these problems and more! It’s a new type of wallet that doesn’t look very practical but works like a charm. The wallet doesn’t fold like your average design, instead it retains its rectangular shape, in order to demand organisation and diminish clutter. It fits right in your pocket, as it’s not much longer than a regular wallet, holds up to 8 cards, and it’s not half bad looking either, with its tanned leather design.

Ensure the man in your life is decked out in the future of wallets, long before his peers.