If you’ve been to a coffee shop anytime in the past decade, you may have noticed an influx of people sitting on laptops and phones, with folders and books spread across the table, and drinking anything but coffee.

Somewhere along the way, coffee shops became the premiere destination for students and businessmen and women, even if they don’t drink coffee. Something about the relaxed atmosphere and low lighting makes it easy to sit at a table and work for hours on end, uninterrupted.

Well the most common place you see people doing this, is Starbucks! That said, Starbucks is most certainly not the best place to go if you’re looking to do some work. It’s a little too social, too loud, and too busy to accommodate a work environment. So we want to point you in the direction of some great coffee shops where you can go and get some real work done and, here’s a real tip, if you actually want to do work, leave your phone at home.

Back Road Coffee Roasters

133 Queen Street East

backroad coffee roasters

Back Road Coffee shop is one of the best new additions to Mississauga’s java scene in some time. As the name suggests, it’s a little out of the way; you can find it on Queen Street East, which is behind Scotiabank and Midas car garage.

Back Road Coffee is a beautiful space with interior design that marries metalwork with rustic in a unique way. It feels both urban and rural at the same time. The back room is perfect for relaxing and doing some work with its low-hanging lights and non-distracting design/music. The only reason Back Road Coffee doesn’t rank higher on this list, is because it closes at Noon everyday. That said, head there early in the morning and you’ll make plenty of progress!