New restaurants open in Mississauga on a weekly basis. To the point where we sometimes wonder where they’re all going to fit. In particular, it’s fair to say that Asian restaurants are the most common in Mississauga, and the ones that open most frequently.

However the newest addition to Mississauga’s food scene isn’t a ramen joint or anything to do with Pho. No, instead it is a dessert store that specialises in pancakes. Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes comes to us by way or Toronto, and it’s bringing it’s very unique brand of pancake to Square One Mall.

From Tokyo to Toronto, Fuwa Fuwa is spreading happiness one fluffy pancake at a time.

Traditionally served after weddings to symbolize good fortune, we want our light airy pancakes to brighten up your day. Fuwa Fuwa means “fluffy fluffy” in Japanese and that is the feeling you’ll get when having our pancakes.

True story, I saw Fuwa Fuwa’s pancakes on an Instagram account last year, and went to 408 Bloor Street West to try them for myself. Fuwa Fuwa did not disappoint. The pancakes are nothing like the kind you find at traditional breakfast stores and such, they’re thick and airy, while offering a more eggy taste. In fact, Fuwa Fuwa refers to them as Soufflé pancakes, and that’s the perfect way to describe them.

As for what’s on the menu, you can order the regular pancakes as pictured above, or you can get tiramisu, crème brûlée, raspberry and caramelized banana, matcha and red bean, cookies and cream, and more. There are other desserts on offer as well, like traditional Japanese pudding, matcha roll cake, original butter roll cake, and drinks like apple cider, iced mango latte, and their signature brand of detoxifying waters.

And that is the new dessert store that just opened within Square One Mall. The store is located on Level 1, between Bentley and Showcase, and it’s well worth a visit if you have a sweet tooth. It’s certainly easier than travelling downtown!