The 401 Highway runs from the northwest of Mississauga right the way through the city, beyond Etobicoke, past Toronto, across Scarborough, and all the way to Montreal!

Chances are you’ve been on the stretch of highway dozens, if not hundreds of times in your life. So you also know how incredibly busy it is. In fact, Highway 401 is actually the single busiest highway in all of North America! That’s incredible because most would have assumed it was in New York, Los Angeles, or even Texas, but nope, that’s a little statistic that we get to hang our hat on. Or our shame, whichever you prefer.

Well, we’re sorry to say that things are only going to get worse. Naturally, it come as no surprise that the Canadian Government is attempting to alleviate the woeful traffic situation on the 401, but it also shouldn’t be too shocking that, in order to reduce the traffic issues, there first has to be more traffic issues.

That’s because, beginning this fall, the government will be expanding the 401 in a multitude of ways. Rather than me try and explain it in my Laymans terms, I’ve just included the contractors official plans below. Check it out:

  • 12 lane core-collector system from the Credit River to Winston Churchill Boulevard;
  • 10 lanes from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Highway 407 ETR/ Highway 401 interchange;
  • 12 lane core-collector system from Highway 407 ETR/ Highway 401 interchange to east of the James Snow Parkway;
  • 10 lanes from the James Snow Parkway to west of Regional Road 25;
  • Median HOV lanes; and
  • Support facilities and features – drainage, lighting, signage, ATMS, carpool lots etc.

Those are all great and entirely needed additions to the 401 Highway, however it also means an awful lot of headaches in the interim. That’s because the highway will be narrowed and blocked-off in several sections for the next few years. The expected completion date for the construction is November 2022!

Yes it’s a pain but once all is said and done it will likely make life a lot easier. Such is the price for living in a constantly evolving and developing country. It’s very similar to the situation on Hurontario street with the Light Rail Train, which is another necessary evil when considering the mass influx of residents to the Lakeshore area that the current infrastructure couldn’t withstand.

However we want to know how you feel? Does this affect your daily commute? Do you think the long-term gains are worth the short-term nuisance? Let us know.