One of Port Credit’s most well-known restaurants was Dunk ‘N’ Dip. The dessert spot was located along Lakeshore Road East, just outside of the town centre, and it had a really nice interior, as well as some of the best food in the area. The store closed in 2018 under the guise of getting a facelift, then announced it would be rebranding and opening in early 2019. After months of waiting, the store did re-open and it was rather difficult to see the changes that took so long to come to pass. The spot never really rebounded and finally shut its doors for good in late 2019.

Sad as that may be, both for those who frequented the location and those who worked in it, when one window closes another opens. And that’s what we’re happy to report on today. Dunk ‘N’ Dip has been replaced by a trendy Mexican brunch restaurant, known as Huevos Gourmet.

Huevos Gourmey is the kind of story we love; the braindchild of two immigrants, one from France and the other from Mexico, who worked hard and have finally achieved their dreams of owning a restaurant, and in a great location no less. “The warmth of a Mexican family and the allure of the Parisian passion. This mix of class and comfort bring people and families all around for any occasion.”

Inside the restaurant has a nice, minimalistic styling, but one that is warm and welcoming. As for the menu, Huevos Gourmet offers all-day breakfast that includes classics like Eggs Benedict, Huevos Rancheros, French Toast, and Strawberry & Banana Crepes, but also some unique dishes like Tacos Benedict, Breakfast Burritos, Cacus Omelettes, and Nacho Breakfast, to name but a few.

The spot also offers a kids menu and dessert options, alcoholic and non-alcoholic smoothies and drinks, and more. It’s a really nice new addition to the Port Credit food scene, and something unlike anything else in the area. So give Huevos Gourmet a shot today!