Today, March 16th, the Canadian Prime Minsiter, Justin Trudeau, held a press conference to announce that Canada would be shutting its borders to all non-Canadian citizens, effective immediately.

The announcement comes amidst the worsening Coronavirus virus which, at the time of writing, has infected over 300 people in Canada. The number of people who have died from the virus currently sits at four, with three having just passed in a long-term care home in British Columbia. So far B.C has gotten hit the worst.

Earlier today, the Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, implored Justin Trudeau to tighten the countries borders as a preemptive measure to try and contain the virus before it gets any worse. However it was only a matter of hours before Prime Minister Trudeau did indeed hold a conference to announce the closing of the border, pertaining to air travel.

No non-Canadian citizens will not be allowed to enter the country, with the exception of Americans, whom Trudeau said we are uniquely interconnected and are battling the pandemic together. Also exempt from the new law are aircrews, diplomats, people attempting to visit immediate family, nor will the new law affect trade or business.

The news came as a slight surprise, given that it was only a few days since the last round of preemptive measures was announced, which brought the country down to just four airports. However things have worsened and the scenes at Pearson airport were disastrous, with hundreds waiting in lines with little screening.

As for Mississauga itself, the government recently announced a plethora of services that will be unavailable for a few weeks, as well as public events that have been cancelled. Thankfully the situation here is not yet dire, and it’s good to see the Prime Minister taking drastic measures to ensure things stay that way. Stay tuned to YourSauga for more on the pandemic, as well as lots of great content to take your mind off it. Stay safe.