Escape Rooms have become a very popular pass-time in the last few years. There’s just something about locking yourself and a few friends in a creepy room and attempting to solve the puzzles to escape that’s both memorable and thrilling. It sure as heck beats going to the same bar for the millionth time.

Mississauga is home to a number of these social outings, from Captive Escape Rooms, Key Quest Escape Room, and NOWAYOUT Escape Room. Well, a new type of Escape Room has opened in Mississauga and it really breaks the mould.

Survive The Night is more than your average Escape Room; it’s more like a real-life Legend of Zelda game. So, rather than just try and break out of a room filled with obscure puzzles, you’ll be tasked with escaping a full-on dungeon!

Amazingly, Survive The Night is Canada’s largest Escape Room, and one of the biggest in the world! Read the official description from the peeps themselves:

To call Survive the Night an escape room would be a massive under-statement. With nearly 5,000 square feet to explore, each game is more of an “escape adventure.” With only a lantern to guide their way, teams must explore the entire area to find clues and solve puzzles that will aid them in their mission. Some sets are even inhabited by stumbling zombies or secretive villagers, who teams can interact with in order to learn more.

Customers choose between three different adventures, each with different themes: The Curse of Edemarah Village (witch-themed), Escape The Pits of Embermoore (vampire-themed), and The Descent Into Zatra’s Tomb (a mixture of both).

Each adventure costs $30 to book, which is roughly the same as other Escape Rooms, and is recommended for 6-12 players. Each of the three adventures will last around an hour, unless you can beat it before then or give-up. Anyone looking to book an adventure in advance, can do so via phone. There are also special bookings for larger events and team building experiences, all of which you can see for yourself on the official website.

Survive The Night is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with limited hours on Fridays. Meaning if you wish to partake in one of these amazing experiences, it has to be on a weekend. Regardless, Survive The Night immediately becomes Mississauga’s go-to Escape Room, so book your adventure now!