Often when we do these restaurant spotlights here at YourSauga, we focus on the most upscale establishments. Mississauga is home to more than a few very classy restaurants that specialise in Italian, Greek, and Indian, cuisine. Every now and then however, we like to plant our feet back on solid ground and head somewhere that’s more relaxed and simple.

That’s why today we want to take you on a trip to one of the best casual and fun restaurants in the entirety of Mississauga. And that trip takes us to 6986 Financial Drive, to Union Social Eatery.

““Common dining, done uncommonly well”. Whether it be in the tasty and addictive flavours of our menu, expansive offerings of our bar menu, the hospitable service or the comfortable atmosphere, we want to exceed your expectations. Sit back, enjoy and let us make your restaurant decision a simple one.”

Union Social Eatery, as the excerpt above suggests, is a place for a relaxed dining experience with friends, but one that serves up much more than the standard bar food. The brand operates a few different restaurants, but the one in Mississauga is arguably the best. While the exterior is simple – with just the restaurant name emblazoned across the front – the inside is a bit more stylish. It’s nothing too flashy or garish, but the simple wooden tables and leather seats, brick walls and exposed ceiling, low lighting and myriad TV’s, all combine to create a welcoming atmosphere and an environment you’ll want to come back to time and again.

union social

That said, nobody would want to keep coming back somewhere if the food wasn’t up to scratch. Well it most certainly is at Union Social Eatery. And that’s what brings us to the first thing that sets Union Social Eatery apart from most other restaurants in the city; it offers all day brunch!

The Brunch menu includes the Cinnamon Banana French Toast, Eggs Benedict with Pancetta, Eggs Benedict with Smoked SalmonSteak & Eggs, and the real star of the show: the Breakfast Burger (scrambled egg, pancetta, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, sweet onion and pepper relish, with crispy smashed potatoes). It’s a super tasty menu that offers something different to most.

union social mississauga

Next up is the dinner menu, which isn’t huge compared to a lot of restaurants, but certainly offers something for everyone. The first section is the starters, and some of the highlights there are Parmesan Truffle Fries, Chicken Wings, Garlic Shrimp Tacos, Social Dragon Roll, and Crispy Buffalo Chicken Tacos.The price of the starters range from $6.50 to $15.98, so fairly standard pricing.

Then we have the Two Handers section, which is basically burgers. The list includes the U.F.O Burger, Epic Cheeseburger, Philly Steak Naan Wrap, West Coast Veggie Burger, and the Market Fish Sandwich. There’s also daily special burgers you can ask the server about. Union Social Eatery’s burgers are amongst the best in Mississauga, so you owe it to yourself to try one!

Finally, the dinner menu offers The Main Event section. Here you’ll find Almond Crusted Chicken Tenders, Steak Frites, Chicken Vindaloo, Steam Whistle Fish & Chips, Blackened Chicken Bowties (sweet peppers, baby spinach, sundried tomato pesto cream, roasted cremini mushrooms, and feta cheese), and more. Any of those options promises a tasty meal, but you can also ask the servers about gluten-free options!

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Lastly, Union Social Eatery’s dessert menu includes a Coconut Key Lime Pie, S’mores Brownie, and Creme Brulee. And that’s the majority of the menu(s) at Union Social Eatery – we did promise it was a diverse array of options that could satisfy any taste buds. And to prove that further, we’ve compiled some of the latest reviews of the restaurant from Yelp, where it holds 4 out of 5 stars.

My Go To Spot.. I’ve been going to this location since they opened. I’m never disappointed in the food or the service. Top notch every single time. Have you ever been somewhere with such amazing food and want to go back years later and have it taste exactly as your remember? I have and this place never fails to deliver. My usual order never changes. The Price never changes. And more importantly the taste of the food never changes.. it’s always as I remember and that is simply AMAZING.


– Casey N.

Our flight was delayed coming into Toronto two hours so it was a bit tricky finding something still open till 11 pm on a weekday night for dinner (8 pm in the Pacific time zone we left).
We were delighted with the wood trimmed tables and comfortable booths.  The fish and chips was really good–with the haddock properly seasoned and loved the light batter.  The burger and fries were great as well.
Wonderful stop on vacation!

– Tani S.

Great place to have dinner! I would recommend that they expand their dining area as this place has become very popular. It is a great spot for a date or just casual dinner. The food is amazing – especially the sushi! Al a carte sushi is always good but this one was amazing! The service was good and the server had really good recommendations! Would definitely recommend and would come back!

– Jason A.

After your extensive dining experience, you might be inclined to order one of the restaurants speciality coffee’s, or a draft beer, bottled beer, cocktail, or wine from it’s extensive drinks menu.

Union Social Eatery is just as the name suggests; a place to eat great food and socialise with friends. It’s a nice environment that’s perfect for a casual lunch with co-workers, or a place to watch the game with buddies at night. Union Social Eatery is one of Mississauga’s very best casual restaurants, and is certainly worth a trip to 6986 Financial Drive!