Mississauga is a foodie’s dream home. Year after year the city goes from strength to strength in terms of building a reputation for incredible food from all over the world.

One of the most popular foods the city has to offer, and it really offers it in abundance, is burrito’s! So it’s no real surprise then that a brand new burrito joint has opened up on Hurontario and Eglington Avenue West.

Fat Bastard Burrito just opened it’s doors in Mississauga a short time ago, and brings with it some mammoth burrito’s at miniature prices! The eye-catching name brand works with Canadian farmers to bring you locally-sourced meat and veg, and you can rest assured the animals are fed right, and the meat is free from hormones, steroids, GMO’s, and MSG!

“Our goal is to bring you the freshest and most exclusive flavours available anywhere on the planet. We have spent countless hours finding suppliers with the best products that meet our high standards. We use only federally inspected meats and our in house preparation combined with traditional cooking methods at the store level, make our products cleaner, fresher, healthier and taste better. We invite you to give us a try. We won’t disappoint.”

Fat Bastard Burrito serves chicken, steak, pulled pork, sweet potato, bean and cheese, and sauteed vegetable as its burrito’s. However it also offers fusions and specialities like curry chicken, battered fish, organic tofu, tequila lime chicken, and more. Of course, it isn’t all burrito’s, as the restaurant also serves quesadilla’s, taco’s, chips and salsa, and more. My personal recommendation is to try the deep fried Mars bar, which is a delicacy you can find in Britain and it is tooth-decaying and amazing.

Fat Bastard Burrito has arrived in Mississauga and brings with it a heaping dose of taste and personality. Be sure to head over to 39 Eglington Avenue West tonight to try it for yourself!