A brand new and unique Indian and Pakistani restaurant has just recently opened its doors at 3030 Thomas Street and Winston Churchill Boulevard.

Laari Adda, which is situated right between Starbucks and Wings Up! in the plaza, foregoes the usual formal nature of a restaurant in lieu of something a little more fun. The restaurant is a gorgeous array of colours that evoke traditional Pakistani truck art. In North America it’s not uncommon to see a 18-wheeler truck with some decal, particularly in the driver’s cabin. However they truly pale in comparison to the art you’ll see on Pakistani trucks, which you can see below.

Laari Adda attempts to evoke that incredible artistry and tradition with its brightly painted walls and doors, licence plates on the walls, colourful art pieces, and even the lights are exposed bulbs hanging from ropes. It’s a striking design that immediately makes Laari Adda a memorable experience.

As for the food itself, that too is something of a memorable experience. Laari Adda didn’t spend all of the money on the aesthetic and leave nothing for the substance, the food is a great selection of traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisine, from Angraizi Burgers to Paratha, Biryani to simple chicken dinners. The restaurant also boasts an incredible array of desserts, particularly cakes like Black Forrest Cake, Caramel Fudge Cake, and Laari Adda Special Cake.

Laari Adda also caters for birthday parties and weddings, so this would be a perfect place to order an amazing cake. The restaurant is also open later than most as it doesn’t close until after midnight, which makes it an ideal late-night snack locale.

All of that sounds pretty good right? Well Laari Adda goes one further by hosting game nights with classic board games like Ludo, Checkers, Snakes & Ladders, playing card and more. Laari Adda clearly has a little something for everyone, unless of course beautiful interior design, great food, and games don’t interest you. Laari Adda is open for business right now at 3030 Thomas Street and Winston Churchill.