If you have a sweet tooth, we have the best news for you! A new Korean dessert store has just opened up on Dundas Street, and it is incredible!

Snowies Bingsu has just opened its doors to the public at 169 Dundas Street East, and it specialises in Bingsu, which is essentially Korean shaved ice desserts. What makes those desserts even more unique is the toppings, which range from rice cake bits, strawberry bits, matcha, almonds, and so much more.

The only thing as incredible as the food at Snowies Bingsu is the restaurant decor. As you can see from the image below, Snowies Bingsu is like a baby girls bedroom! That’s not a bad thing (it certainly makes the store very memorable), and it somehow narrowly avoids ridiculousness, and lands right in cute and cozy. The pink decor is complimented by the geometric light-shades and wall decor, as well as the neon sign. Although it’s worth mentioning that it’s a duller shade of pink when you see it in person.

If you’re in the mood for something sweeter than sweet, you should definitely head to Snowies Bingsu. You can grab a strawberry cheesecake flavour of Bingsu, Oreo, or Red Bean Matcha.

The restaurant also offers various forms of bubble tea, toast, regular tea, and more. It’s a mouth-watering menu for those in need of some sweet shaved ice with fresh toppings. Snowies Bingsu is open right now at 169 Dundas Street East and it’s sure to be a fan-favourite for years to come.