If you’re like us and have something of a sweet tooth, your eyes likely pop and your tongue rolls out of your head like a character from Looney Tunes when you see beautiful pastries.

Thankfully, Mississauga has no shortage of fantastic bakeries and places to get your hands on awesome pastries and such, whether it’s La Villa Bakery, Keto Girl Bakes, or The Social Cupcake. However, we’ve caught wind of a brand new bakery that is making its way to Mississauga, and it’s quite unlike anything else.

Bread and Salt bakery is coming to Mississauga via 3455 Semenyk Court. While the business will craft sumptuous fresh breads every day, what makes it unique is that it will also serve speciality ice cream. Here’s a little about Bread and Salt from the owners:

Bread and Salt, a name with many noble meanings from cultures around the world, it means friendship, brotherhood, strong relationships, love, warm welcoming, generosity, hospitality and friendliness.

Bread and Salt’s Pita bread is crafted in all those noble meanings in mind, we make our bread so delicious and so healthy to make sure it delivers when it is used to support friendship, brotherhood, strong relationships, love, warm welcoming, generosity, hospitality, friendliness… or just a perfect bite.

Bread and Salt bakery

This isn’t going to be a tiny little bakery, the place is going to be substantial. They specialise in making pita bread, and will offer two different artisanal flavours, as well as crafting Middle Eastern-style pizzas, and unique Arabian ice cream.

Bread And Salt is a very different kind of bakery and we can’t wait for it to open in the very near future. It’s going to offer a great array of sweet and salt baked goods, and down the line they plan on introducing catering. So keep your eyes on Semenyk Court for the arrival of Mississauga’s latest taste sensation.