Tired of the same old candy? Like to impress your dinner guests with some fancy dessert? Would you like to wow the kids this Halloween with some extra special sweeties? Well, you’re in luck, a new store just opened in Square One mall that will fulfil all your sweet tooth needs!

Sugarfina is a special candy boutique that started life in Boston, Massachusetts. As if the store itself wasn’t amazing enough, you need to hear the story of the owners. Rosie and Josh, husband and wife, went to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on their third date, and the movie sparked an idea in their minds that led them to create an adult-oriented candy store!

The couple worked on their idea for over two years, with artisan candy makers from across the globe, before opening the store of the dreams! It’s a really wonderful story, and it makes the store all the sweeter!

So what kinds of candies can you find at Sugarfina? Well the most popular item is champagne-tasting gummi bears, but you can also get your hands (and mouth) on zombie brain gummies, sugar lips, parisan pineapples, Disney-themed edibles, bourbon gummi bears, chocolate balls filled with popping candy, and sooo much more! It would be perfect to grab a bag of assorted candies from Sugarfina, then head home for a movie night!

Right now the store is offering some incredible Halloween themed candies, both individual and pre-packaged in themes of mummy’s, werewolves, vampires, skulls, pumpkins, and much more.

Sugarfina just opened in Square One mall, on the second floor, right by Aritzia, Victoria’s Secret, and Lulu Lemon. Sugarfina isn’t the only new store in the area, as the Drake clothing brand OVO will be opening nearby in the coming weeks!

So if you find yourself with a sweet tooth, or you need some incredible gifts for Halloween or Christmas, head to Sugarfina in Square One!