We’re always happy to report a new restaurant opening in Mississauga, but even more so when that new restaurant is rather unique.

Such is the case with a restaurant that recently opened its doors at 6380 Tomken Road, within the plaza that houses Roma Italian and other businesses. Spuds Factory & Burger Cafe is as unique as the name suggests. It’s a restaurant that specialises in both burgers and potatoes, and no, we don’t mean fries.

Not many places, if any, in Mississauga specialise in crafting artisinal baked potatoes and the like, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Spuds Factory & Burger Cafe. The baked potatoes on offer here are cooked to cloud-like perfection, and filled with incredible, fresh ingredients, from cheese butter to sour cream, and all types of vegetables and meats. Spuds is the first location in Mississauga to offer such a variety of baked potatoes.

Beyond that, of course, is the plethora of burger options available, as the other half of the restaurant name suggests. The burgers are quite picturesque and served beside a literal basket of fries, in classic diner fare. The restaurant also offers a Continental Breakfast, bagels, soup, burrito’s, rice bowls, croissants, sandwiches, and more.

Spuds Factory & Burger Cafe is a rather small eatery, one that is akin to a Subway or Pita Pit in terms of design and layout. You order your baked potato (or other) and then add toppings from an array of fresh options laid out before you. It’s a simple restaurant but one that is a great option for lunch-time eating, particularly if you find yourself craving some fancy baked potatoes, or just a really solid burger.

Spuds Factory is open now at 6380 Tomken Road and it’s the first such establishment to bring artisinal baked potatoes to Mississauga, and that’s worth a visit alone!