Pet stores aren’t hard to find, you may even say they’re a dime a dozen, especially when you factor in grocery stores and the like. It’s pretty easy to find some cheap food for your cat, dog, iguana or tortoise. However, how easy is it to find high-quality foods for them? That’s a little more tricky.

These days, people love to shop for organic products that contain no GMO’s and haven’t been fed unnecessary hormones. It’s certainly a good thing and one that will ensure great health, however why do we stop with ourselves? Why not extend such food etiquette to our beloved animals? We want our best friends to be as healthy and happy as possible, and feeding them organic foods is the best way to do so.

The Bone & Biscuit Company aims to help with that exact issue. The Canadian-born company has over 30 stores throughout the country and it plans on opening its first Mississauga location this year.

The Bone & Biscuit Company provides organic foods and supplies for your cat and dog. It offers raw and canned foods for both, dehydrated foods, accessories, toys, treats and grooming options. You can also grab some cat litter and cat nip for the furry feline in your life. Beyond those standard items, you can also buy from the treat bakery, which features an array of fresh baked and decorated treats that look almost good enough for your or me to eat.

All of the products you can find in a Bone & Biscuit store are from great natural providers. So you can rest assured that the food is of the highest quality. The store is set to open this year, though we have no word on the location yet. We’ll let you know when we learn more.