For those of you who live each day looking to learn something new each day. The Hart House Debate and Dialogue Committee is holding an amazing event that will pique your interest if knowledge is what you thirst for.

As on March 4th, the committee will be hosting its first ever event in Mississauga. The location will be at the University of Toronto at Mississauga campus, William G. Davis Building Room DV 3141. The topic of the event will be focused on is Journalism in the Modern Era. For those who may be wondering, refreshments will be provided as well.

The dialogue event aims to bring about a magnified view on the rise of digital technologies and political polarization. Looking at the current evolution of the journalism industry. It started with the massive decline of print media and magazines.

Then, came the rise of social platforms which have made reporting accessible to all, giving rise to a new generation of freelance journalists and alternative news sites.

The saturation of the news space has captured our attention spans across topics, mediums of communication, and ideological viewpoints. More recently, accusations of “fake news” and increasingly divided conceptions of what it means to be objective has shaken even the credibility of major players.

This is a free event that is open to the public, but does require an RSVP (Click Here). 

The featured panelists include:

Cynthia Mulligan (Moderator)

Cynthia Mulligan is an accomplished journalist and news anchor with CityNews TV Toronto, focusing on politics and investigative journalism. She has covered the 2015 Paris attacks, a series on transgender surgery in Thailand, and a first-person account of a cancer diagnosis and the emotional process of treatment. She has received two RDTNA awards and an Edward R. Murrow award for her work.

Tom Blackwell

Tom Blackwell has been a reporter at the National Post for 18 years. He focuses on stories that explore Canada’s intersection with the world, especially China’s influence in Canada. His previous work covered patient safety and medico-legal battles, refugee camps and re-settlement, race-related protests, and the SARS crisis. He has twice been a finalist for the National Newspaper Award.

Wendy Gillis

Wendy Gillis is a Crime Reporter at the Toronto Star. Her work focuses on police misconduct and abuses, crime prevention, contentious court cases, and racism and bias within the police force. Since 2010, she has been nominated multiple times for the National Newspaper Awards.

Christine Brousseau

Christine Brousseau is the Assistant Managing Editor for News at The Globe and Mail. In her role, she oversees the entire news division of The Globe and Mail, which arguably covers the majority of the newspaper’s reporting. This responsibility includes overseeing the health and foreign editors, including the bureau chiefs from across Canada.

It should be a great time to learn, grow and understand with the challenges and evolutionary adaptations that are taking place within the journalism industry. As there will be a panel of expert journalists. It provides you with the perfect forum to ask any of those questions that have long been sitting in the back of your head about the industry.