Are you someone who vapes? Then we have some bad news to relay.

The provincial government recently announced that it will ban the sale of vape products on store shelves in gas stations and convenience stores. The new act will come into effect on January 1st, 2020. Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, had this to say:

“Restricting the promotion of vapour products in retail stores will help prevent youth from being exposed and influenced by promotion in retail settings. This is just one way our government is taking action to protect young people in Ontario,””

(Jeenah Moon/The New York Times/Redux)

Vaping products have come under much scrutiny in the past year, with many calling into question its effects on health. The fact of the matter is, the science on vaping in regards to health is currently murky with the products being relatively new, but there’s no doubting that they are detrimental. It’s more a question of how bad for you they are, and Christine Elliot believes them bad enough to be removed from regular store shelves:

“Vaping is not without risk, and the potential long-term effects of vaping remain uncertain. As we continue to engage with experts and families to identify further action we can take to protect our youth, this first step will help begin to curb the alarming increase in young people vaping.”

There’s no denying what Elliot is saying, and the government stepping in seems like a positive step forward. There indeed has been an alarming rise in vaping amongst youth, which is potentially every bit as bad as regular smoking at worse, and still bad for your lungs at best.

Of course, vape products will still be available to purchase at specialised retailers and cannabis stores, although that doesn’t much help Mississauga adults as there currently are no cannabis stores. For those of you who vape, you will have to head to Toronto or Etobicoke for your vaping needs, or buy online.

The Canadian government has been making moves to ensure vape products are considered in the same vein as cigarettes and tobacco, and this is just the latest move. Let us know how you feel about this move, and if you feel it is unfair.