We recently wrote about the dynamic dining scene that inhabits Cooksville and makes it one of Sauga’s most under-appreciated dining spots. Well, that scene has just become even more impressive with the introduction of The Village, a new Pakitstani take-out restaurant!

The Village just recently opened its doors at 3073 Hurontario Street, meaning it’s right on the main street as you head towards the city centre. This marks the second restaurant in the branch’s name, the first coming from Cambridge, Ontario and proving highly popular in that area.

Indeed we have a plethora of great Indian, Thai, Italian, Greek, etc., food joints in the city, but one subsection that is criminally unrepresented is Pakistani cuisine. Pakistani food is inherently similar to Indian dishes you’re probably familiar with, however the two are prepared differently and thus don’t have quite the same tastes. So you might order a butter chicken curry but it will taste a little different than what you’re used to.

The menu consists of BBQ meals, chicken curries, beef and veal curries, wraps, seafood curries, appetizers, rice, noodles, veggie curries, breads, desserts, soups, chinese curries, and more. It’s a fairly extensive menu but a fantastically cheap one, with most curry-based dishes coming in between $5 and $8 dollars! The vegetarian curries are even cheaper again! So if you’re looking for some great food at a crazy cheap rate, this might be the best place in all of Mississauga!

I can’t finish this up without mentioning the interior design of The Village. When you say take-out, I’m sure you get an immediate picture in your head of a very small space that screams budget, well that isn’t at all what The Village looks like. The outside of the has two big double doors with the name emblazoned in white above them. Once you enter, you’ll probably be surprised by how spacious and modern the building looks. Well, maybe not that surprised given that I’ve included photos.

The counters have a nice, unique wooden design, as do the walls, while the floors have red mats that make it stand out. From the ceiling hang simple but nice half-dome lights that give the space a great bright visage. You might think I’m gushing over nothing but the space surprised me greatly by how pretty, clean and modern it was.

The Village is open now and stays open late every night of the week! The take-out is cheap, tasty and really pretty inside, and it also offers great deals almost every night. If you’re in the mood for some curry or a tasty veggie meal, The Village is perfect!