If you had asked me 10 years ago if vinyl would make a spectacular come back, my answer would have been “I doubt it”. Being cautiously optimistic, I’m happy that records are cool again. Most young people I talk to say they can and do hear a difference between vinyl and all forms digital. CDs, mp3 and streaming do have a place; in the background, and in your vehicle. The portability is undeniable but for quality audio, vinyl rules.

International Record Store Day has passed and the line up at my store was gratifying. Thanks to all that came out. I hope you got a couple of the gems that were available. Great releases by Bowie, Lou Reed, Stooges, Cash and Eric Clapton were available as limited editions. Just to add to the fun of collecting and the rewarding sound is like icing on the cake. Independent stores are allowed to order these specials and I’ve been participating for 10 years. Being one of the early adopters helps me get some of the rarest of the releases. This year one lucky customer got an autographed edition of a Sheepdogs album, one of only 25 in the world!

I had people travel from as far away as London ON to get at the large selection. I do have a few rare RSD releases left and have had access to what’s left at the warehouse. I got first “dibbs”!

When you are out hunting for LPs to add to the collection, I recommend that you deal in person. I’m hearing nightmare stories of mail-order rip offs and LPs highly over graded. Be sure to ask about any guarantee. Honest sellers will have one. A new trend is guys buying at garage sales for 10 – 25 cents and flipping them for 10 or more dollars. Buyer beware, hobby dealers generally don’t back their product. I expect vinyl sales to slow down a little as we enter the summer season. As much as I love listening to my LPs, a beautiful warm summer evening trumps the LPs and I’d rather be outside. So, start buying for the fall and next winter, talk about being prepared!

If you or someone you know is getting rid of their records, give me a call before selling them for a few peanuts, I do pay quite high for quality stock.

Get out and hear some live music, Happy listening and enjoy Port Credit and our many events!

Ric’s Recollections is located at 257 Lakeshore Rd E in Port Credit. Come by or visit www.ricrec.com