We’re increasingly not leaving the house these days. If you’re someone who only leaves your home when necessary, like to go to work, then you might be excited to hear about a new delivery service coming to one of Canada’s biggest retail stores.

Walmart Canada is the first official partner in Canada for the popular Latin American service Cornershop. The service offers express store delivery for customers, with the new Walmart option bring you your groceries in 60 minutes or less! Here’s what a Walmart spokesperson had to say about the new partnership:

“Customers in the GTA have more choices than ever for how to shop for on-demand groceries at Walmart,” said Daryl Porter, Vice President of eCommerce Operations and Logistics at Walmart. “By introducing more shopping options at Walmart, we’re helping make life easier and more convenient without compromising on our everyday low prices. Cornershop and other delivery services are one way that we can provide that easy, convenient access.”

To use the service, you just download the Cornershop app and choose what groceries you want. Cornershop’s trained shoppers then head to your desired location, buy your specified groceries, and deliver them as soon as possible. If one of your items is unavailable, the shopper will call you to ask about a suitable replacement. It’s a simple and easy solution to your shopping woes; no more driving, looking for parking, waiting on buses, standing in line, and getting angry! And if you sign-up for Cornershop’s membership you get discounts and free delivery on orders over $40!

In addition to Walmart, Cornershop also unofficially works with Metro, Costco, Longo’s, Canadian Tire, Bulk Barn, Pet Smart, Sephora, and more. So if you’re in need of groceries quickly but either can’t drive or simply don’t want to, then consider using Cornershop today! The service brings a whole host of exciting options to you in less time than ever before, and it doesn’t even use drones to do it. It’s a win/win!